Reflecting back on this semester, I am very pleased with our final product! When our group first decided to work with the Unitarian Universalist collection at the D.H. Ramsey Library’s Special Collections, we were prepared for anything. What we found was mostly secretary minutes from services and various social justice initiatives and program plans. After meeting with Rev. Mark Ward of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Asheville, we decided to focus on four major areas for our website. As stated in our contract, we wanted to focus on the history of the church, their social justice platform, ministers from the Asheville congregation, and an interactive element in the form of a 3-D model and trivia game. Our plans stayed mainly on track throughout the semester except for a slight miscommunication with our games programming teams about the interactives. Both groups wanted to use trivia in their games and we only wanted one. It ended up being that we had to compromise and allow for both teams to do trivia. Our original date to have the active links to these games was Friday, April 7th, which did not happen. At this time, our game links are still unavailable but we are expecting them soon. Using wordpress was an interesting challenge that I found to be rather enjoyable and plan to use frequently in the future. The hardest part was learning the correct formatting for our pages and images, but it was relatively easy to find this information online. I also found it challenging using certain themes. Our first one was the standard 2016 theme but we did not end up using it as it was akward on the page. We ended up using the Vivita theme because we liked it’s modern feel and thought it stood out from the rest. I really liked this class and think it has prepared me for the digital side of the workplace. Being able to use website generators like wordpress and other digital tools (timeline js, canva, thinglink) is an asset i consider one of the most helpful ive learned in college.