April 17th-21st

This week was one of the most challenging for me this semester. Between finishing up our part of the website and meeting with the games programming teams, there was plenty to do! We ran into some issues today (Friday, 21st) when we realized both games programming groups would be using the same trivia questions word for word in both game models. This would have been somewhat akward on our website and would discourage readers to continue on with our site. We were able to resolve this by meeting with everyone in our group to discuss ways to fix the situation. We ended up splitting the previously written trivia questions into two sections, one for each group, plus we agreed to make 15 more trivia questions before Monday. I was hoping to put the games onto our site today but realize not everyone was finished working so we will have to wait. I really like what our groups have so far and think it will look great as a finished product!