March 27th-31st

This week my group finished our first draft of the UUCA website and met with the games programming students to plan for the interactive part of this project. After meeting with both groups, we have decided that one group will be 3-D modeling a replica of the church, while the other group will be making a drop-down 2D trivia game that teaches the history of the Unitarian Universalists. I ran into Rev. Mark Ward the other day at the library and we discussed the website and a few additional things he would like to see such as a section on the overturning of Amendment One and some other social justice work they have been involved in. I really like the way our site is turning out, from the unique theme to the array of pictures and resources we have used, I think we will have a good finished product. Our next steps are to continue improving the website by adding more information and visuals, as well as making sure we have correctly cited our information.