March 20th-24th

I learned more this week than any before regarding my topic! I was able to take extensive notes on the book loaned to me by Rev. Mark Ward, giving me a better understanding about Western North Carolina’s first Unitarian Church, Inman’s Chapel, located in Waynesville, NC. I completed and posted my timeline js of the history of Unitarian Universalist religion and the UU Asheville on our group’s website. I intend on adding some canva images and general text to my part of the site, having it as near to complete by Wednesday March 29th. Our meeting with the Games Programming students went very well! We were able to come up with a very exciting visual, incorporating the two groups together to make an interactive model of the UU Asheville Church. It will be a realistic model that you can walk through, interacting with different items to learn the history of the church. I look forward to seeing this project come together in the next 4 weeks and can’t wait to present it to Rev. Mark Ward and his team.